Washing Instructions

If you require any washing information that cannot be found here, please email enquiries@sportsandworkwear.co.uk

All our garments are manufactured from top quality fabrics. All fabrics and logos undergo stringent quality tests to ensure durability and washability. They will last for many years if properly cared for.

For product specific washing instructions, please refer to the garment labels and the manufacturer information.

The below information is for guidance only.

When washing garments - always refer to the instructions on the garment label

Playing Kits

First wash: Always wash shirts, shorts and socks separately to remove surface dye. 

Avoid leaving kits folded or bundled together for any length of time whilst damp or soiled. Remove excess mud and wash as soon as possible after use to avoid stains from setting. 

Garments may discolour due to staining by substances such as mud, grass, petroleum jelly etc, which may not entirely be removed by washing alone. Treat stains directly with a stain remover as soon as possible.Take care not use stain remover on transfers applied to the garment as this may effect the quality of the print. Some of the toughest stains may require more than one treatment. 

- Do not over load the washing machine and always wash light and dark colours separately.
- Do not wash above the temperature stated on the garment label. (many items 30degree C)
- Do not use fabric softener.
- If the garment can be tumble dried (see care label) always tumble dry Cool.
- Never iron printed motifs.

Training Wear / Outer Wear

Dirt on outer wear (padded jacket, rain jacket, training jacket) should be wiped off with a damp cloth. These garments do not require regular washing which will remove the shower proofing. If necessary wash inside out, no hotter than 30 degrees C synthetic wash. 

- Do not use fabric softener.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Never iron printed motifs.