School and Club Order Portals

Our order portals are the ideal solution for any organisation, be it a school, sports club, or business, that wants to get an awesome service when ordering their clothing.

Our order portals offer the following features:

  • Custom Range: you tell us exactly what you want to be able to buy and with what personalisation. We set you up a portal to your exact requirements, with customer specific prices
  • Private Access: as standard, all company portals are set up so they can only be accessed by a designated person or persons within your organisation. This means your prices and range are hidden from anyone who isn't logged in using an account affiliated with you.
  • Invoicing: different customers want different things. You can pay on your credit account, and be invoiced directly to your accounts team for goods purchased. You can also pay as you order, using a card. Or you can have both - you can choose what will suit your organisation best!
  • Sales Reports: on request, so you can see how much your organisation has spent this month. Great for budget control, and for making sure all your pupils have got their kit ready for September!

In addition, our portals combine perfectly with our other solutions, such as stock holding.

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